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Adonaïs, B. Ducol (world premiere)

"(...) The vocal part - exceptional Laura Holm - between litany and exhoratation, is always driving, exploring, from speech to song, différent ways of projecting both the meaning and sonority of the poet's words. Eminently supple and polished, the vocal line is underlined and commented by the strings in a real goldsmith's manner. To the « trillo di gorgia » borrowed from baroque ornementation, and which Laura Holm performs with virtuosity, echoes the thin crackling of the bows on the strings, delicately reverberated by the church's acoustics. (...) Expressive and with impeccable technique, Laura Holm's flexible and long voice glides on the instrumental flow, carrying the poem, without needless repetition or fiorituras, to a climax of intensity."

Le Balcon, P. Eötvös

"Laura Holm is an appealing Chantal"

Laurent Bury, ForumOpera

Mitridate, Re di Ponto, WA. Mozart

" (...) starting with magnificent soprano Laura Holm. Natural incarnation of Ismene with a solid vocal fondation, Laura Holm is a fruit already ripe, radiant, whose ease lets one think she will be able to conquerra many different repertoires."

Clément Rochefort, La lettre du Musicien

" (...) as for delightful soprano Laura Holm (Ismene), she dominates this production with raffine high notes, sparkling medium notes, supple coloraturas and intonation proof against technical difficulty."

Albina Belabiod, OperaOnline

" Very successful as well, Laura Holm's Ismene, through which one can admire her colorful lyric soprano timbre and her very noble theatrical interpretation."

Nicolas Grienenberger, ClassiqueNews

La Vierge, J. Massenet

" Laura Holm is noticed in her part of Archangel Gabriel deliciously suave."

Philippe Kalman, ResMusica

" Noticed already in Reine last february, Laura Holm is a beautiful Archangel Gabriel, whose juvenile and cristalline soprano voice is an ideal reply to Norah Amsellem's more dramatic voice."

Laurent Bury, ForumOpera

Reigen, P. Boesmans

" And we payed particular attention to Laura Holm's delicate soprano voice, Jeune Femme (Young Woman) with great sensitivity, capable of many emotions with her flowing voice."

Laurent Bury,

" (...) I give my prize to soprano Laura Holm, playing the very beautiful role of La Jeune Femme, with a warm voice, vibrant, mobile."

Musica Sola

 " Many congratulations for the scene between soprano Laura Holm playing the part of La Jeune Femme and barytone Aurélien Gasse playing Le Mari (the husband), who manage to interpret the relentless darkness of Arthur Schnitzler's play, which inspired Boesmans and his librettist Luc Bondy for their relentless portrait of human passion."

Laurent Vilarem, La Lettre du Musicien

Laura Holm


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